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Moonlit Daydreams

Updated: Jun 27

It’s not all sad

tho. i mean the good outweigh the bad.

The waves of emotion? They come and go like the phases of the moon.

And how beautiful is the moon?

i can relate to the moon you know?!?! Not the beautiful part (well maybe sometimes but that’s a different thought) but like how sometimes it gets stuck and has to share the sky with the sun.

i too sometimes feel like i don’t belong.

But then i think about how the moon is still beautiful during the day when it doesn’t belong. (Hmmm. Maybe it was this thought all along)

Golden whispers as the sun wakes up. The sunbeams dance a fun jig while the

sunflowers… well, they’re standing tall with a tilted grin…

all the while Life gossips in beautiful song.

i imagine the trees tell stories during the day and the moon sets the stage for the owls to talk all night long.

And I’m going to be honest. i have never heard a bad story from a tree or an owl. They tend to have the best ones.

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