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Is this not Love?

Updated: May 15

The swallows, they sail just high enough

above the tall green green grass

almost as if they

command the wind.

It’s not that at all.

you can’t command the wind

It’s too powerful.

I understand this so instead i see a love story between the bird and wind.

One thing i have found about love is that;

when it comes to love there are things i can’t comprehend,

so i also imagine the love story is the same

for the wind.

And how about the grass?

The tips of the long grass as they tickle

the bellies of the whimsical birds.

The little buzz felt from the bumble bee

and then the grasshoppers,

as they rest before they take flight.

Calling upon the love of the of the wind with all it’s little might.

How about every love story we don’t see.

The ones that lie just out of sight?

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