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i hope you never see

Perfectly good mirror, cracked reflection. 

An image of an already distorted perception. 

This... is me? 

Shrunken, lost in the vastness.

Another of the same face. Is this me?

Another voice swallowed by the noise.

Doubt spills its whispers. "Not enough," it taunts me and haunts my days. 

A truth echoing in the hollowness within.

Plain and old and a plane old beige life. 

Fading embers in a vibrant world.

Yearning for a spark or something to ignite the blues or better yet change the hues all together.

Shadows. i’m a lot safer there. i feel like anyways. Unseen and unheard, unknown.

The light terrifies me sometimes. The secret truth it might reveal...

Special? A whisper lost on the wind.

Self-esteem, a love for me? A locked chest, the key in sight and forever out of reach.

A fragile shell. Fear at its purest core. A heart on constant guard.

See me? as in myself. The me i hide. The one i fight with all my might...

My biggest fear is that you, see me as i do. 

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