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i have known you intimately

i have known you intimately.

my bones are woven from

the threads of stars,

my eyes hold the shimmer

of distant galaxies.

When i breath,

when i breath The Universe

breathes within me,

a cosmic rhythm in my veins.

i am a child of nebulas.

my heart beats in

time with supernovas.

Each whispered thought, 

born from the tails of a comet

and with each breath

i exhale stardust.

The universe is not out there,


it pulses in my skin,

it dances with my soul.

We are not divided but whole.

One grand tapestry

interwoven with starlight

into the very fabric of time.

Within me the vastness of space

has been there all along and when

i close my eyes i can hear 

the echoes of creation's first song.

i am the universe.

Made manifest.

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