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3 faces of time

Tomorrow has it the easiest, always makes a promise to come.

Today seems to be the one to always show up though no matter how relentless the sun or how much work has to be done.

You can't be held accountable today for your tomorrow actions because they're made up in your mind, not an actual, event in time.

Today sings the hardest tune, It’s notes struck in the now and each moment blooms and wilts like a beautiful flower. There are Lifetimes lived in between the minutes and hours.

Yesterday holds no sway, its colors fade into shadows that dance in the twilight's masquerade. Yet, we wear these memories, tenderly sewn, in the tapestry so well known as "me".

There are whispers of this playful deceit, where Time's three faces never truly meet.

In the stillness of being, close your eyes, find your heartbeat and then dance your heart out because in this very moment lies life's truest experience.

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