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Theory of Relativity Relatively Digestable

Things aren't always what they seem,

space and time are a twisted dream!

If you go as fast as lightning's flash,

time slows down in a cosmic dash.

Imagine a train passing by, a zooming blur,

inside it's calm and normal, that's for sure.

But watch it pass, a speeding sight,

time plays tricks like day and night.

Gravity doesn't break it bends, a mighty force,

like a trampoline changing your course.

Stars and planets pull so tight,

Even sunlight bends in flight.

If you zoom near the speed of light,

an astronaut's tale, in a starlit night,

your clock ticks slower, quite a strange surprise,

but back on Earth, time swiftly flies.

Einstein's mind, was so bright and bold,

Secrets of our universe he told.

Though it might make your head go round,

It's the way the unvierse is found!

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